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TMD Home Remedies

If your dentist determined you have a temporomadibular disorder which is often referred to as TMD, here is what you need to know. The "T" in TMD stands for the temple, "M" for the mandible or jaw and "D" for a disorder within this complex. This disorder is usually due...

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Advanced Technology

CEREC- CEREC is the short term for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEramic REConstruction. CEREC uses CAD/CAM (computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing) technology to give us the opportunity to do same-day restorations and provide...

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Post-Surgical Instructions

Avoid the 4 S’s Soda Sucking out of a Straw Spitting: If you feel that you need to spit, just open your mouth and let the fluid run out. Smoking These can all cause the blood clot to come out. If the blood clot is lost, it can cause a dry socket, which can be very...

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Infection Control

At Care First Dental Team, we take infection control very seriously. Your health and safety are our highest priority. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has developed special recommendations for use in dental offices which we strictly adhere to. Before our patients...

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Temporary Crown Instructions

Avoid anything hard or sticky (i.e. nuts, large pretzels, caramels, taffy, etc.) When flossing, you can floss towards gum line as normal, but slide out the side instead of pulling back up/down. Contact us if the crown comes off and save it so that it can be...

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Pulpal Therapy

After a procedure, you may be asked to do pulpal therapy. This is typically asked of a patient when your tooth has been through a lot of trauma and we are attempting to keep the swelling down in the pulp of the tooth. While it may have the effect of helping with pain,...

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What to Expect From Dentures

At Care First Dental Team, we offer two different methods of making dentures; immediate dentures and delayed dentures. As the name suggests, immediate dentures are dentures that are inserted into a patient’s mouth immediately after their teeth are removed. In fact,...

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